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Fresh Paint Can Make or Break a Deal

Post Pros Nashville knows that being a real estate agent is not always for the faint of heart. All of your clients require you to make many decisions, consider a host of factors and manage myriad details. Post Pros Nashville can take at least one major aspect of your job off of your to-do list: managing your For Sale signs.

If you want the storing, transporting, installing and removing part of your job off your docket, let Post Pros Nashville handle all of it. Post Pros also handles the storage of the signs, riders and lockboxes.

Post Pros enjoys seeing its clients achieve success. With that in mind, here’s a tip that could help you seal your real-estate deals.

Every real-estate agent who puts a house on the market wants to get top dollar for it, and why not? So many features are taken into consideration when a homeowners and their real estate agent decide how much to ask for it. When setting a price, a house whose exterior paint obviously needs attention is a big turn-off. Anyone actively or considering selling their house must know this:

  • A house's freshly painted exterior will immediately increase its curb appeal.

  • A home that needs a paint job puts it at a competitive disadvantage because its less-than-ideal condition sticks out like a sore thumb to possible buyers. A home's interior could be stellar, but if the outside paint looks bad, prospective buyers will probably not even both walking in the front door.

  • Your poorly presented paint will likely force you to drop your selling price, probably by thousands. The paint's condition easily and surely becomes a negotiating point in a house’s price if there are crucial aspects of the home--say, a costly electrical or plumbing system upgraded--that needs attention first.

When you’re ready to let Post Pros Nashville take over that time-consuming chore for you, contact them at 615-933-8261 or They look forward to helping you!

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