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A Clean House Can Make or Break Your Home Sale: Here's How to Nail It

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home for a while now, this may be the right time to jump in. Low interest rates have buyers of all stripes champing at the bit for a property of their own. Taking advantage of the sellers’ market could mean you get a fast, profitable sale: But you still have to play the game to get the best offers possible.

Start by meeting with an experienced agent who can help assess your property’s strengths, connect you to buyers, and evaluate offers to get the best deal. Next, focus on getting your home pristine for photos and tours. The better and more welcoming your house looks, the more offers you’ll get. Here are some tips from Post Pros Nashville to get you started:

Tidying the Facade

Give your property the first impression it deserves:

● When it comes to cleaning for a house sale, many people only consider the inside of the house. However, your front yard gives buyers their first impression, both in-person and online.

● Consider working with a landscaping professional to make sure your lawn is neat and well designed.

● Enlist the services of tree removal companies near you to clear your property of damaged or fallen trees or large limbs.

● If your siding or bricks are dingy, you can use a pressure washer to make it look new. Use a power washer powered by a quality air compressor for heavy cleaning.

● Finally, a fresh coat of paint on the door can do wonders for your entryway.

Getting the House Clean

Tips for managing the big tasks:

● First, pack away anything that isn’t useful — either for living or staging — as soon as possible. Excess clutter is annoying to tidy and makes a bad impression.

● Next, do a top-to-bottom cleaning of your property, keeping a sharp eye for the details.

● If you’re not a detailed cleaner, it may make sense to hire a pro to do this part on your behalf.

Keeping it Clean

Even if your house sells fast, you’ll need to make sure it looks its best the whole time:

● First, figure out whether or not you plan to live in the house as it sells.

● If so, keep a daily chore task list somewhere visible, like the fridge (take it down for viewings!) and use it to keep your space looking fresh.

● If not, come by in the mornings before tours are scheduled to do any quick dusting or spot cleaning as needed.

Remember, a clean house makes a far better impression on viewers. After all, any mess that’s left behind upon purchase will be theirs to deal with. We hope these tips help you figure out the best approach to keeping your space looking great throughout the sale process!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Post Pros Nashville helps real estate agents manage their time better by storing for-sale signs, riders and lockboxes for free and then delivering and setting up on site at their listed properties. Contact us today! (615) 933-8261

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