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Clean Properties Stand Out

When selling your clients’ houses, real estate agents must consider the cleanliness

of “the whole package.” That means not just the interior and the condition of the

home’s exterior coating. It means the whole property.

That’s why it’s a terrific idea to advise your clients to have an exterior-cleaning

service let the outsides of their homes present themselves in their best conditions.

Houses with clean roofs, siding, driveways, patios and windows are sure to have a

huge advantage over comparable homes on the market in their areas.

A power wash will remove grime, slime and tree droppings from roofs. It will clear

the driveways of stains from oil, tire tracks and snow salt. Patios—especially those

that they can be used for entertaining—will be greatly enhanced after remnants of

outside elements have been blasted away.

Vinyl and aluminum sidings can collect dirt and look dingy after a season or two.

Use a power washer on the siding and gutters to wash away the grime and spider

webs to bring some vibrancy back to the outside.

Another maintenance project that really spruces up the exteriors of homes is

refurbishing the outside woodwork that has been weathered by the sun, rain and

snow. If a home has a front porch, wooden window edgings or even a back deck,

chances are that these areas could benefit from a new stain, which will produce a

refreshed and clean look.

Finally, take a close look at the exterior lights. Glass-enclosed lights can get filthy

from all the elements. Wipe-downs with glass cleaner will solve that. If light

fixtures are tarnished or look rundown, apply a can of spray paint in a

complimentary color to freshen them up. With these exterior improvements,

chances are you'll be able to sell your clients’ homes much quicker.

Using Post Pros Nashville is also a superb way to speed up the sale of your clients’

homes. Contact them at 615-933-8261 or They look

forward to hearing from you!

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