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Clean Carpets Help Sell Homes

Many people selling their homes are aware that numerous prospective homebuyers want to consider homes that are only move-in ready. That’s why they take great care to make their places look as best as possible for showings.

But then there are some sellers spruce who their places up nicely but only vacuum their worn-looking wall-to-wall carpets and areas rugs. They don’t want to pay to replace the carpets and rugs, or they think that the future owners will only end up taking up the carpeting because hardwood floors are so desirable. They’re wrong.

Potential buyers will consciously or unconsciously notice that flaw. That’s why you as a real estate agent should encourage your clients to pay a professional to steam-clean the carpets and rugs. Steam cleaning is the most expedient and efficient way to make carpets appear as unsoiled and sanitary as possible.

People who are actively or considering selling their home must know this:

  • Carpeting that looks and smells fresh is hugely alluring.

  • Even if the interior strikes a possible buyer’s fancy, the sight of dull carpeting might send them away forever.

  • After their purchase, many buyers don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on immediate replacements and upgrades. The prospect of having to live with soiled carpeting until they can afford to replace it or rip it up and deal with whatever lies beneath is a turn-off.

  • Stained carpeting can easily become a negotiating point that’s not in their favor.

  • If dirty carpets make you lower the price of the home, your neighbors won’t be happy that the price could lower the value of their homes.

Advise your clients to choose a floor-cleaning specialists whose technicians have been certified by the institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. The company will use superior equipment and safe, effective cleansing chemicals. And there’s a good chance that the company also cleans tile, grout and furniture.

Using Post Pros Nashville is also a superb way to speed up the sale of your clients’ homes. Contact them at 615-933-8261 or They look forward to helping you!

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